May 23/18
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Day Date Time Location Visitor Home
Mon May 14/18 (Mon) 6:15pm Al Sapieha E & S Yankees 11 Canora Supers 5 *
Wed May 16/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Al Sapieha Willowbrook Royals 7 Canora Supers 13 *
Wed May 16/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Langenburg Back Forty Brewers 1 Langenburg Legends 16 *
Mon May 21/18 (Mon) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Grandview Lakers 0 Back Forty Brewers 4 *
Wed May 23/18 (Wed) 6:15pm John Krasowski Memorial Field E & S Yankees Willowbrook Royals
Wed May 23/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Back Forty Brewers Yorkton Orioles
Thu May 24/18 (Thu) 7:15pm Currey Park Langenburg Legends Roblin Stars
Thu May 24/18 (Thu) 8:00pm Jubilee 1 Canora Supers Parkland Padres
Fri May 25/18 (Fri) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Willowbrook Royals Back Forty Brewers
Fri May 25/18 (Fri) 6:15pm Langenburg Grandview Lakers Langenburg Legends
Sat May 26/18 (Sat) 6:00pm Wilson Park Canora Supers Grandview Lakers
Sun May 27/18 (Sun) 4:00pm John Krasowski Memorial Field Grandview Lakers Willowbrook Royals
Mon May 28/18 (Mon) 6:15pm Al Sapieha Langenburg Legends Canora Supers
Mon May 28/18 (Mon) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Roblin Stars Back Forty Brewers
Tue May 29/18 (Tue) 8:00pm Jubilee 1 Willowbrook Royals Parkland Padres
Wed May 30/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Canora Supers Yorkton Orioles
Wed May 30/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Langenburg E & S Yankees Langenburg Legends
Thu May 31/18 (Thu) 7:15pm Currey Park E & S Yankees Roblin Stars
Fri Jun 1/18 (Fri) 6:15pm Al Sapieha Back Forty Brewers Canora Supers
Fri Jun 1/18 (Fri) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Willowbrook Royals Yorkton Orioles
Sat Jun 2/18 (Sat) 2:00pm Al Sapieha Grandview Lakers Canora Supers
Sun Jun 3/18 (Sun) 2:00pm Jubilee 1 Grandview Lakers E & S Yankees
Mon Jun 4/18 (Mon) 7:15pm Currey Park Back Forty Brewers Roblin Stars
Tue Jun 5/18 (Tue) 7:15pm Currey Park Willowbrook Royals Roblin Stars
Tue Jun 5/18 (Tue) 8:00pm Jubilee 1 Langenburg Legends E & S Yankees
Wed Jun 6/18 (Wed) 8:00pm Jubilee 1 Back Forty Brewers Parkland Padres
Thu Jun 7/18 (Thu) 7:15pm Currey Park Yorkton Orioles Roblin Stars
Fri Jun 8/18 (Fri) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Langenburg Legends Back Forty Brewers
Sun Jun 10/18 (Sun) 3:00pm Wilson Park Langenburg Legends Grandview Lakers
Mon Jun 11/18 (Mon) 6:15pm John Krasowski Memorial Field Roblin Stars Willowbrook Royals
Mon Jun 11/18 (Mon) 8:00pm Pirie Field Back Forty Brewers E & S Yankees
Tue Jun 12/18 (Tue) 8:00pm Jubilee 1 Langenburg Legends Parkland Padres
Wed Jun 13/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Langenburg Canora Supers Langenburg Legends
Wed Jun 13/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 E & S Yankees Back Forty Brewers
Thu Jun 14/18 (Thu) 6:15pm John Krasowski Memorial Field Canora Supers Willowbrook Royals
Thu Jun 14/18 (Thu) 7:00pm Currey Park Parkland Padres Roblin Stars
Thu Jun 14/18 (Thu) 7:15pm Wilson Park Yorkton Orioles Grandview Lakers
Fri Jun 15/18 (Fri) 7:15pm Wilson Park Back Forty Brewers Grandview Lakers
Sat Jun 16/18 (Sat) 1:00pm Kamsack Canora Supers Roblin Stars
Sat Jun 16/18 (Sat) 4:00pm Kamsack Roblin Stars Canora Supers
Mon Jun 18/18 (Mon) 6:15pm John Krasowski Memorial Field Back Forty Brewers Willowbrook Royals
Wed Jun 20/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Jubilee 2 Canora Supers Back Forty Brewers
Wed Jun 20/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Langenburg Yorkton Orioles Langenburg Legends
Wed Jun 20/18 (Wed) 7:15pm Wilson Park Willowbrook Royals Grandview Lakers
Wed Jun 20/18 (Wed) 8:00pm Jubilee 1 E & S Yankees Parkland Padres
Thu Jun 21/18 (Thu) 7:15pm Wilson Park E & S Yankees Grandview Lakers
Fri Jun 22/18 (Fri) 6:15pm John Krasowski Memorial Field Langenburg Legends Willowbrook Royals
Sun Jun 24/18 (Sun) 2:00pm Pirie Field Canora Supers E & S Yankees
Sun Jun 24/18 (Sun) 2:00pm Wilson Park Roblin Stars Grandview Lakers
Sun Jun 24/18 (Sun) 7:00pm Currey Park Grandview Lakers Roblin Stars
Mon Jun 25/18 (Mon) 6:15pm Langenburg Roblin Stars Langenburg Legends
Wed Jun 27/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Langenburg Willowbrook Royals Langenburg Legends
Wed Jun 27/18 (Wed) 6:15pm Jubilee 1 E & S Yankees Yorkton Orioles
Thu Jun 28/18 (Thu) 7:30pm Wilson Park Parkland Padres Grandview Lakers
Fri Jun 29/18 (Fri) 8:00pm Pirie Field Willowbrook Royals E & S Yankees
Fri Aug 17/18 (Fri) 8:00pm Pirie Field Roblin Stars E & S Yankees

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