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(May 13/18)
Jonathan Huss

Jon had 4 hits on Sunday in St. Benedict\'s 10-9 win over New Market
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Countdown to Home Game vs New Market
(May 20/18)
Posted May 15/18 - 2018 Meet the Team

#1- Nick Heitkamp- "Porter" plays outfield.  Makes fun of himself at the plate.  His mother doesn't allow him to pitch anymore
#2- Jeremy Heitkamp- "JBear" plays wherever.  Secretly loves catching.  Self-proclaimed nicest guy in the league.
#3- Andrew Huss- "TBone" plays 1B.  President of St. Benedict Association.  Coming off career year.  Struggles with turns
#4- Shane Ahlbrecht- "Seth" pitches.  Played at Gibbon for multiple years.  Lives in Bridal Creek with wife and son Easton
#5- Paul Hentges- "Hank" pitches and plays outfield.  A little too good a person.  Cousin to Juice Box
#6- Steve Weiers- "BK" "Dubby" doesn't play anymore.  Settled down and now is winning.  
#7- Nick Riesgraf- "Can't publish it" doesn't play anymore.  Settled down and hasn't been seen since..
#9- Cullen Bahn- "CB" plays DH and hits infield/outfield.  Really likes to walk and work counts.  Built for speed.
#11- Trey Kocher- "Johnny" plays outfield.  Ditty reincarnated.  Plays high school ball for Apple Valley.  Signed with Bethel
#12- Michael Pauly- "Juice Box" plays wherever.  We like when he comes to games.  Likes to hit people with 0-2 counts
#13- Noah Miller- "Still don't have a good one" plays 2nd base.  Dad of the young kids.  Gets overused
#15- Jon Huss- "Still don't have a good one" plays infield.  3-sport athlete at Jordan
#16- Brendan Heitkamp- "B-Kamp" plays infield.  Currently in contract dispute, not reporting until June 6.  Outkicked his coverage
#17- Mitchell Martin- "Rip" plays infield.  Scared to death that he turned 21.  Always prompt and on time.
#19- David Hartman- ""Dart" catches infield/outfield.  Almost died in Mexico, did the unthinkable recently as 2 became 1
#20- Martin Huss- "Still don't have a good one" coaches 3rd base.  Acting manager most games.  Has not lost post-national anthem battle in a long time
#21- Tanner Oakes- "Tokes or Quarterback" plays infield and pitches.  Runs the team without officially running the team.  Coaches baseball in New Prague
#22- Carter Johnson- "Still don't have a good one" plays infield.  Plays High School ball at Apple Valley.  Signed with Hamline
#25- Dillon Lambrecht- "Lumpy 2" plays baseball.  Keeping the Benedict family names going.
#26- Cole Minnick- "Still don't have a good one" pitches.  Hard-worker, always at attention, has dealt with Uncle Stu better than anyone could've thought
#28- Matthias Duevel- "Doc" pitches.  Not a real Doctor just plays one on TV.  Meets people at Church.  Our Sunday starter
#29- Scott Eischens- "Stu" plays DH.  Played with Ty Cobb.  Grandfathered in on where he can play catch.  Bred a future Benny
#30- Jimmy Vollbrecht- "James" pitches.  Throws hard, doesn't know where its going.  Plays hoops at UMD
#33- Chris Hartman- "Harty or Heartbreaker or Chazz" pitches and plays outfield.  Is the answer to the question, "Which Benny has ever done _________?
#34- Wade Olsen- "Weblo, Waco, Wayne" coaches 1st base.  Spends some free nights at area grilles to ensure health codes followed.
#37- Michael Lambrecht- "Lumpy" pitches (we think).  
#38- Zach Bakko- "Jetty" plays outfield.  Switch-hitting real baseball player.  Plays ball at Augsburg.  Enjoys "Waffles"
#42- Tyler Oakes- "T.O" doesn't play.  Pitching coach at NDSU.  We keep him on the roster so teams think we are good.

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