Jun 23/18
1:29 pm

Saturday Soccer



Sherwood Park


For the period Oct 12 2016 thru  22 March 2017

Indoor is held at Millennium Place in Sherwood Park.  This is our 18th year.

Indoor, like our outdoor is co-ed thou we are mostly male.  Age range is 35 plus.

Website / homepage has been updated with our playing dates Wednesday -  Oct 12th thru Mar 22nd.

Confirmed start is 9:45pm.  Exception dates are Dec 28.  Total of 23 Wednesday  nights. 

Season fee will be $100.  If you wish to pay $6 nightly (casual dropin rate) that is fine, but if you change your mind later on and wish to pay the season fee there will be no credit given for your previous $6 nightly payments.  Payment of the season fee is the only way to guarantee a spot on a particular night.  Once/If we have enuf players on a given night then casual drop-in players will no longer be accepted.  Note - have not had a restriction on the numbers of players for a few years.

If your season fee is unpaid, then you are expected to be contributing $6 nightly in addition.  Keep it simple, pay your $?? upfront.

Appreciated if you could pay prior to playing, our collection agent is not always there at the end of the night.  

Our aim is to break even, but we lost a few dollars last year and the county always increases their rentals fees.  Our season fee and casual drop-in fee are unchanged.

Cheques preferred, payable to "Saturday Soccer". Partial payments not appreciated, payment in full only.


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