Jan 26/21
10:16 am

New Hope Trojans Baseball
State Champions: 1983, 1991, 1996, 1998, 2003, 2013, 2014, 2019 #TPOD
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Trojans at the next level since 1992


1992 Sam Adams- East MS CC, Faulkner State

1992 Rodney Batts- East MS CC, Delta State, Philadelphia Phillies

1992 Chris Chism- East MS CC, University of Florida, Tupelo Tornadoes

1992 Jason Hollis- East MS CC

1992 Kelley Hunt- East MS CC

1992 Brian May- East MS CC

1992 Chris Johnson- Mississippi College

1993 Chris Herring East MS CC, Livingston University

1993 Richie Jones- Bevill State CC

1993 David Gray- East MS CC

1994 Todd Colvin- Bevill State

1994 Jimbo Davidson- Bevill State

1995 Drew Johnson- Meridian CC, University of Southern Mississippi

1995 David Reily- Itawamba CC

1995 Wade Smith- East MS CC

1995 Brodie West- East MS CC

1995 Jeff Wood- East MS CC

1996 Brandt Galloway- Belhaven University

1996 Matt Price- Northeast MS CC

1996 Leslie West- East MS CC

1996 Buddy Wyers- Meridian CC

1996 Alan Leonard- Manager Mississippi State University

1997 Jeff Hunter- Meridian CC, Mississippi State University

1997 Robert Shelton- Ole Miss, University of Louisiana Lafayette

1997 Scott Atwood- UNFCC, University of Louisiana Lafayette

1997 Scott Kappler- East MS CC, University of West Alabama

1997 Brad Lofton- East MS CC, Shorter College

1997 Rob McKay- Mississippi College, East MS CC

1997 David Tucker- East MS CC

1998 Brad Montgomery- East MS CC, University of Southern Mississippi, Delta State University

1998 Carey Upton- East MS CC

1998 Shane Bazzell- Oakland A’s, Texas Rangers

1999 Chris Ball- East MS CC

1999 Jaron Andrews- East MS CC, Shorter College

1999 Steve Oglesby- East MS CC

1999 Josh Buckley- East MS CC

1999 Kevin Long- East MS CC, University of West Alabama

1999 Clay Colvin- East MS CC

1999 Lynn Colebrook- Texas College

2000 Matt Bogue- Birmingham Southern

2000 Ashley Chism- East MS CC, Belhaven University

2000 Leif Carpenter- East MS CC

2000 Cleveland Smith- East MS CC

2000 Kenneth Morrison- East MS CC

2001 Lee Boyd- East MS CC, University of West Alabama

2001 Clint Richards- East MS CC

2001 Dustin Pounders- East MS CC, Henderson State University, University of West Alabama

2002 Lance Martin- East MS CC

2002 Bruce Brance- East MS CC

2002 Dusty Snider- East MS CC

2002 Drew Jaudon- Itawamba CC, University of Memphis

2003 Justin Carter- Bevill State, Millsaps College

2003 Brandon Dill- University of West Alabama

2003 Justin Faulkner- East MS CC, Mississippi College

2003 Tyler Hunter- Meridian CC, Southwest Tennessee CC

2003 Nathan Mordecai- East MS CC, Southwest Tennessee CC

2003 Robert Tucker- East MS CC, Delta State University

2004 Hunter Abrams- Millsaps College

2004 Brian Barksdale- Holmes CC

2004 Brantley Clay- University of Montevallo

2004 Joe Nickels- East MS CC

2005 Mickey Allen- Northeast MS CC

2005 Boomer Brown- East MS CC, Northeast MS CC

2005 Thad Cole- Northeast MS CC

2005 Jason Drish- East MS CC

2005 Ben Ellis- Northeast MS CC

2005 Zach Moore- Millsaps College

2005 Russ Boyd- Millsaps College

2006 Garrett Harris-University of Southern Mississippi, Meridian CC, University of South Alabama

2006 Bryan Bogue- Winthrop University

2006 Adam Lollar- East MS CC

2006 Ben Fleming- East MS CC, Southern Polytecnic University

2007 Drake Gregory- East MS CC, University of North Alabama

2007 Brent Hallmark- Delta State University

2008 Cody Pounders- East MS CC

2008 Ty Shirley- Northeast MS CC

2009 TJ Upton- East MS CC

2009 Hilton Gibson- East MS CC

2010 Jake Upton- East MS CC

2010 Brent Younger- University of West Alabama, Itawamba CC

2010 Philip Tice- Dyersberg State CC, East MS CC

2010 Gabe Franks- East MS CC

2010 Jake Smith- Wallace State CC, Itawamba CC, University of North Alabama

2010 Blake Roberts- Jeff State CC, East MS CC, Mississippi College

2011 Dillon Hawkins- East MS CC

2011 Jared Shelton- Wallace State CC, Holmes CC

2011 Zach Nagy- East MS CC

2013 Landon Boyd- Northeast MS CC, Belhaven University

2013 Tee Payne- Belhaven University

2014 Will Golsan- Ole Miss, Colorado Rockies

2014 Taylor Stafford- Mississippi State University, East MS CC, University of West Alabama

2014 JC Redden- East MS CC, University of West Alabama

2014 Jake Hollis- University of Mobile

2015 Wells Davis- University of South Alabama

2015 Josh Stillman- Northeast MS CC, University of North Alabama

2015 Sam Taylor- MS Gulf Coast CC, Northwestern State University

2015 Payton Lane- MS Delta CC, Delta State University

2016 Will Godfrey- MS Delta CC, Mississippi College

2016 Tyler Jones- MS Delta CC, Jackson State University

2017 Thomas Stevens- Northeast MS CC

2017 Parker Lane- MS Delta CC

2017 Carson Forrester- MS Delta CC, MUW

2017 Koby Harcrow- MS Delta CC

2018 Bryce Braddock- MS Gulf Coast CC

2018 Nick Sims- MS Gulf Coast CC, University of West Alabama

2018 Drew Pounders- MS Delta CC

2019 Payton Springfield- Itawamba CC

2019 Tyler Murphy- Itawamba CC

2019 Rye McGlothin- East MS CC

2019 Jonathan Whittington- Itawamba CC

2020 Ryan Burt- Pearl River CC

2020 Cole Ruffin- MUW

2020 Presley Hall- Southwest MS CC

2020 Drew Brown- East MS CC



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