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Q:  You guys having anybody leave the team?  

A:  Our roster will change slightly.  The one core guy that has retired is Jacob Wolf.  I can't overstate how important him coming over to be our ace was when we were trying to build this thing.  He gave our pitching staff credibility and a guy who won so many big road games for us both in regular season and the playoffs.  He will be impossible to replace.


Q:  Can you guys make it back to your third straight State Tournament?

A:  Miracles don't usually come in 3's.  But we will see.  We have heard that some of the best teams have gotten better.  I think the league will be up this year, coming off a season with 3 of the final 16 at State.  DRS clearly trending upward


Q:  Is Harty coming back?

A:  Yes.  The quirky lefty will be back on a part-time basis, similar to his schedule last season.  We definitely need his innings on the mound and he bats either 3rd or 4th for us.....So clearly a guy who makes us better when he's here.  Glad to have him back  




Q:  How do you guys get no-hit twice in one year?

A:  "How do we not get no-hit every game is a better question.  We don't pretend that we are good."

Q:  What DRS teams do you think will make the State Tournament?

A:  "New Market is a lock.  I think Faribault is the second best team.  Then a handful of others led by St. Patrick, Union Hill, Prior Lake, New Prague and others for the other two spots.  We are an other."

Q:  What is your favorite 2 balls, 2 strikes, 2 outs chant?

A:  "The Daniel Bryan one is a dugout favorite, but is a hard transfer to the field.  Our standard stuff can't be written or discussed but is proven to work."

Q:  What has been the highlight of the first half of the year?

A:  June.  Only two 9-inning games the first 26 days.  Father's Day off, a trip to Omaha for College World Series, and self-proclaimed winners of our Rainouts

Q:  When is Oakes going to pitch?

A:  Tanner pitched two innings at Faribault and an inning at Shakopee.  He will make 2-3 starts before playoffs.   

Q:  I see you guys are off of Baseball Day this year.  What gives?

A:  "Tough One.  We really like playing those guys on that day.  Just didn't work out for whatever reason.  Not beneficial to the baseball fans of the area, but we understand it is not our day and not our choice.  And they are using the day to promote baseball to the kids which is a good thing.  Thanks for the question.  Hope to see you out at the Ben this summer."

Q:  Are you guys losing anybody this season?

A:  "Nobody Knows.  It is March."

Q:  Anything special planned for this season?

A:  "Last year was a great year.  We added a Benny Stomp.  Realized that Molly can mean more than one thing.  Got a Road Safety Sign placed at the T-Bone T.  We almost beat a team starting with ""New"", and we fought with less than 2 State Board Members.  I am not sure what this year will bring.  We are not much into the whole planning thing, but we are excited."

Q:  Who will start opening day vs us?  (New Market)

A:  Tanner will still be in college, Harty is lost in the woods, Juice is our only shortstop, Chavo doesn't pitch in April, Tommy will be planting, Steve.........Well you know.  Uncle will probably be on vacation.  My best guess would be Bear, Wu-Tang, or Me.  

Q:  What are your season goals?

A:  "No Serious-Offense Arrests.  No double-headers."

Q:  Do you guys have a twitter page?

A:  Yes. @SaintBennyBall




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