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Date  Time Location Visitor Home
May 14/18 7:00pm Austin Carberry Royals 11 Austin A's 2
May 14/18 7:00pm Ste. Rose Dauphin Brewers 7 Ebb and Flow Lakers 6
May 15/18 7:00pm Portage Neepawa Cubs 3 Portage Padres 1
May 16/18 7:00pm Portage Carberry Royals Portage Padres
May 16/18 7:00pm Austin Neepawa Cubs Austin A's
May 16/18 7:00pm Plumas Dauphin Brewers 16 Plumas Pirates 7
May 16/18 7:00pm Ste. Rose Minnedosa Mavericks 9 Ebb and Flow Lakers 5
May 18/18 7:00pm Plumas Minnedosa Mavericks Plumas Pirates
May 23/18 7:00pm Neepawa Minnedosa Mavericks Neepawa Cubs
May 23/18 7:00pm Carberry Dauphin Brewers Carberry Royals
May 24/18 7:00pm Portage Plumas Pirates Portage Padres
May 25/18 7:00pm Neepawa Carberry Royals Neepawa Cubs
May 25/18 7:00pm Austin Minnedosa Mavericks Austin A's
May 25/18 7:00pm Plumas Ebb and Flow Lakers Plumas Pirates
May 26/18 1:00pm Ste. Rose Austin A's Ebb and Flow Lakers
May 26/18 4:00pm Ste. Rose Ebb and Flow Lakers Austin A's
May 27/18 1:00pm Dauphin Portage Padres Dauphin Brewers
May 27/18 4:00pm Dauphin Dauphin Brewers Portage Padres
May 28/18 7:00pm Plumas Carberry Royals Plumas Pirates
May 29/18 7:00pm Plumas Neepawa Cubs Plumas Pirates
May 29/18 7:00pm Portage Minnedosa Mavericks Portage Padres
May 30/18 7:00pm Carberry Ebb and Flow Lakers Carberry Royals
Jun 1/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Dauphin Brewers Minnedosa Mavericks
Jun 1/18 7:00pm Ste. Rose Neepawa Cubs Ebb and Flow Lakers
Jun 4/18 7:00pm Austin Portage Padres Austin A's
Jun 5/18 7:00pm Plumas Portage Padres Plumas Pirates
Jun 6/18 7:00pm Carberry Neepawa Cubs Carberry Royals
Jun 6/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Austin A's Minnedosa Mavericks
Jun 8/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Neepawa Cubs Minnedosa Mavericks
Jun 9/18 1:00pm Dauphin Carberry Royals Dauphin Brewers
Jun 9/18 1:00pm Ste. Rose Plumas Pirates Ebb and Flow Lakers
Jun 9/18 4:30pm Dauphin Plumas Pirates Dauphin Brewers
Jun 9/18 4:30pm Ste. Rose Carberry Royals Ebb and Flow Lakers
Jun 13/18 7:00pm Carberry Minnedosa Mavericks Carberry Royals
Jun 13/18 7:00pm Dauphin Neepawa Cubs Dauphin Brewers
Jun 13/18 7:00pm Austin Plumas Pirates Austin A's
Jun 15/18 7:00pm Neepawa Plumas Pirates Neepawa Cubs
Jun 15/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Portage Padres Minnedosa Mavericks
Jun 16/18 1:00pm Austin Dauphin Brewers Austin A's
Jun 16/18 4:00pm Austin Austin A's Dauphin Brewers
Jun 17/18 1:00pm Portage Ebb and Flow Lakers Portage Padres
Jun 17/18 4:00pm Portage Portage Padres Ebb and Flow Lakers
Jun 20/18 7:00pm Dauphin Ebb and Flow Lakers Dauphin Brewers
Jun 20/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Plumas Pirates Minnedosa Mavericks
Jun 20/18 7:00pm Neepawa Portage Padres Neepawa Cubs
Jun 20/18 7:00pm Carberry Austin A's Carberry Royals
Jun 22/18 7:00pm Dauphin Minnedosa Mavericks Dauphin Brewers
Jun 22/18 7:00pm Neepawa Ebb and Flow Lakers Neepawa Cubs
Jun 22/18 7:00pm Carberry Plumas Pirates Carberry Royals
Jun 25/18 7:00pm Portage Austin A's Portage Padres
Jun 26/18 7:00pm Plumas Austin A's Plumas Pirates
Jun 27/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Carberry Royals Minnedosa Mavericks
Jun 27/18 7:00pm Neepawa Dauphin Brewers Neepawa Cubs
Jul 4/18 7:00pm Carberry Portage Padres Carberry Royals
Jul 4/18 7:00pm Neepawa Austin A's Neepawa Cubs
Jul 4/18 7:00pm Minnedosa Ebb and Flow Lakers Minnedosa Mavericks


2018 Season Preview

May 05, 2018   read more
2016 Awards - Brody Moffatt - Rookie Zac Yandeau - MVP John Hutton - Top Pitcher
2017 Champion Neepawa Cubs
2016 League Champions - The Portage Padres
2015 Champions - Minnedosa Mavericks 10th consecutive championship
  • Mavs win GM 3 3-0; Sweep the finals 3 gms to none
  • 10 years in a row for Minnedosa Mavs
  • Yandeau- MVP; Kirkland Top Pitcher, Heino Rookie of the Year

Countdown to
Opening Day 2016

(May 18, 2016 @ 7:00pm)

WOOT WOOT. It's here!


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Dauphin Brewers22001.000-
Carberry Royals11001.0000.5
Minnedosa Mavericks11001.0000.5
Neepawa Cubs11001.0000.5
Austin A's1010.0001.5
Plumas Pirates1010.0001.5
Portage Padres1010.0001.5
Ebb and Flow Lakers2020.0002.0