Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
Dec 8/17 7:45pm Lennox, SD Sioux Falls Christian Chargers 76 Lennox Orioles 42 L (0 - 1)
Dec 14/17 7:45pm Lennox, SD Madison Bulldogs Lennox Orioles -
Dec 18/17 7:45pm Canton, SD Lennox Orioles Canton C-Hawks -
Dec 21/17 7:45pm Lennox, SD Pipestone (MN) Arrows Lennox Orioles -
Dec 30/17 3:45pm Lennox, SD Chamberlin Cubs Lennox Orioles -
Jan 4/18 7:45pm Lennox, SD Rock Valley (IA) Lennox Orioles -
Jan 6/18 4:00pm Lennox, SD Clark/Willow Lake Cyclones Lennox Orioles -
Jan 9/18 7:45pm Elk Point, SD Lennox Orioles Elk Point/ Jefferson Huskies -
Jan 11/18 7:45pm Lennox, SD Vermillion Tanagers Lennox Orioles -
Jan 13/18 5:00pm Sanford Pentagon, Sioux Falls, SD Time TBA Opponent TBA -
Jan 19/18 6:15pm Lennox, SD Platte-Geddes Panthers Lennox Orioles -
Jan 25/18 7:45pm Lennox, SD Parkston Trojans Lennox Orioles -
Jan 27/18 5:00pm DakXII Clash, Madison, SD Opponent TBA Time TBA -
Jan 30/18 7:45pm Madison, SD Lennox Orioles Madison Bulldogs -
Feb 6/18 7:45pm Lennox, SD Tri-Valley Mustangs Lennox Orioles -
Feb 9/18 7:45pm Hartford, SD Lennox Orioles West Central Trojans -
Feb 10/18 7:45pm Tea, SD Lennox Orioles Tea Area Titans -
Feb 13/18 7:30pm Beresford, SD Lennox Orioles Beresford Watchdogs -
Feb 16/18 7:45pm Dell Rapids, SD Dell Rapids Quarriers Lennox Orioles -
Feb 23/18 7:45pm Lennox, SD Dakota Valley Panthers Lennox Orioles -


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  • It's time for Oriole basketball!
  • Lennox heads to Canton tonight to play the C-Hawks
  • Check out the new Oriole Article under the news tab!

Countdown to
Game 3: Lennox at Canton C-Hawks

(Dec 18, 2017 @ 7:00pm)

Check @OriolesSports or @LennoxMensBBall twitter accounts for live in game updates.


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Fri Feb 23/18 7:45pm:
Dakota Valley Panthers -
Lennox Orioles -
Fri Feb 16/18 7:45pm:
Dell Rapids Quarriers -
Lennox Orioles -
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