Adult Career Education                                                                   Education Code

Texas Education Agency- Grant Program                                      Title 3 Higher Education

-Eligbility-                                                                                         Subtitle G. Non Baccalaureate System

1.Be a nonprofit organization                                                          Chapter 136. Texas Innovative Adult Career Education Grant Program: 136.001 and house bill 437

2.Be a nonprofit workforce intermediary and job training program                                                                      amendended section 134.004

3.Provide eligble low income students, in partnership with college or technical institutes. 

(A) Job training (B) Contium of services designed to move a program participate from application to employment and include outreach, assessment, case management support services and career placement.

4.Be governed by board-or- other governing structure that includes recogized leaders of board-based community organizations and executive- level or managerial level of the local community. 

5.Demonstrate that the organization's program has achieved or will achieve the following measure of success among program participates. 

(A) Above average completion of developmental, education among participateing colleges or technical institutes.

(B) Above average persistence rates among participating public colleges or technical institutes.

(C) Above average certificate or degree completion rates by participating students within a three- year period compared to demographally comparable rates.

(D) Entry into career's with significantly higher earnings for program participates. Participates than previously achieved.

6. Provide matching funds in accordance with general guidelines.

Applicants should be through in describing how grant funds will be administered and monitored, applicants will be evaluated in part on delivery of services of the following types. 

1. Outreach


3.Case Management

4.Support Services 

5.Developmental Education 

6. Job Training 

7. Career Placement Services 

Reporting Requirements

(A) How funds were used,resulting in success rates achieved by nonprofit workforce intermediary and job training organizations compared to the most recent student success measures.

(B) Provide activity reports each semester after receiving the initial funds disburstment from grant administrator, reports are due 30 days after each semester end based on the states fiscal year Sept.1 ending August 31.

(C) Activity reports shall contain data to include unduplicated head count who's funding is partially provided by grant program.


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