1. Extremely High Body Temperature


If after spending a lot of time in the sun, you notice incredibly hot and red skin then it is definitely a telling sign of heat stroke. During a stroke, the skin becomes too hot to touch and the temperature of the body reaches 105 degrees or higher. Such an abnormal increase in the body temperature calls for a doctor’s appointment. Though simple sunburn also leaves the skin red, hot, but the condition becomes dangerous as the temperature shoots up above 105.

2. Dizziness And Fainting

Exposure to the sun for a long time can result in dizziness, primarily because of poisonous UV rays as well as physical heat. Typically, a person who suffers from heat stroke feels like everything is spinning around him. Light-headedness can be accompanied by a blurred vision and ringing in the ears.

Dizziness is an indicator of many other serious complications that might be caused by heat stroke including fainting. A person can lose consciousness due to heat stroke and in order to avoid feeling dizzy, one should sit or lie down. Keep a person with you to check in on you and make sure you are okay. Also, keep your body hydrated in order to avoid the condition.

3. Rapid Heartbeat

Shutting down of the body becomes apparent when it gets overheated. An erratic heartbeat (weak or strong) is a serious indicator of heat stroke. A patient finds difficulty in breathing caused by an increased heartbeat. Immediate help should be sought in case you find your heart racing abnormally.

Therefore, people with serious sun related problems should avoid going under the sun as much as possible. It would be best to bring down the core body temperature with a cold bath and ice packs in the groin region. In any case, an increase in heart rate or difficulty in breathing shouldn’t be taken lightly as both are serious symptoms of heat stroke.

4. Disorientation/ A Sense Of Confusion

Too much sun exposure is as bad as too much alcohol consumption. Individuals with heatstroke often seem confused and disoriented. Mental confusion is a telling sign of heat stroke in which a person may slur their words. Any sort of behavioral changes or difficulty in thinking or focusing are indicators of sun stroke.

The feeling of confusion can have serious aftereffects and one shouldn’t delay contacting a healthcare professional. It would be best to not go in the sun and intake as much water as possible if suffering from heat stroke..




5. Nausea And Vomiting

When heat exhaustion progresses and becomes heat stroke, a person feels nauseated. An uneasy feeling in the stomach along with dizziness can make your condition worse. As per the National Institutes for Health, UV radiations from the sun are toxic and they have longer effects which can affect genetically. On getting in touch with UV rays, the skin burns and even the internal organs are affected. In turn, the body responds to these toxins by expelling them in vomit.

Get out of the sun as soon as you feel nauseous, particularly when you feel like vomiting. Lying down can prove beneficial. Rehydrate yourself immediately!

6. Throbbing Headache

One of the prominent signs of excessive sun heat is perhaps an excruciating headache. You will feel as if drums are beating in your head. Sudden bouts of intense pain followed by less intense bouts would continue for a long period. Those feeling a pulse at the temples of their forehead and a continuous headache should take it as a serious, warning sign of heat stroke.

7. Lack Of Sweating

The major difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke is the lack of sweating. Even after spending a considerable time under the sun, any person will precipitate a lot and will feel really hot. But in case of a heat stroke, one can notice a significant alteration in sweating. A person on the brink of heat stroke would feel extremely hot and will have a flushed skin, but the body won’t produce sweat.

8. Hot, Dry Skin

Lack of sweat is a sign of body overheating signaling towards heat stroke. The body cools down by producing sweat. When the core temperature of your body doesn’t regulate properly due to heat stroke, the body stops sweating. So if you have a hot, dry skin, but you aren’t sweating much, then you probably have heat stroke.

A cold bath can surely soothe your skin. For further cooling down your body, apply aloe vera gel and cover yourself in light clothes. This will prevent any damage from the sun.

9. Seizures

A seizure attack is a common symptom of heat stroke in which a person’s body shakes uncontrollably. As heat stroke can cause major damage to the brain, seizures are a common occurrence. It is, therefore, important to move away from the sun and loosen their tight clothing. You must not put anything inside the mouth of the person suffering from a seizure attack. Just try to comfort the person.





10. Extreme Exhaustion

A day under the sun is a reason enough for feeling exhausted and weak. However, if one feels extremely fatigued along with some of the symptoms discussed in the list, it is probably a sign of a heat stroke. It is always beneficial to seek a doctor’s recommendation if your heat exhaustion generally turns into a stroke.



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