The Regional Development Baseball Academy/Texas Independent Baseball League operates as a junior level tier 1 Class A Rookie minor league academy institute for players age 21U whom either attend community college or a vocational school and work either part time or full time, technical skill training at Udacity or teamtreehouse would be a great online education stop to develop computer skills such as software debugging intelligence for robotics, coding and many other computer aided skills that will continue to develop for the future employment opportunities after the athletic journey they are encouraged to take a close look at 84 Lumber the company offers a management training program open to any one but can be a great opportunity for those student's just leaving high school who may not wish to enter the college system but would like the opportunity at a great job with future advancement growth, the company is named after the city Eighty Four Pennsylania . Its a growing field under served with talented people looking for advancement and opportunity.

Our focus on developing players through instructional teaching/coaching and classroom session over one intense season to move forward with their athletic pro ready or prospect skill set to higher levels of professional play.

We require that the player have some type of work, in order to help develop the habits needed to continue his growth as a person in the workplace. The player will be pushed to reach his maximum athletic ability over the course of a total 22 game experience within the RDB academy institute each  season consist of a 22 short season game Spring schedule and a 4 game national international Fall schedule and players can be released if not reaching attainable goals set by the player and the league staff .

We foster continued growth and understanding of the sport while also promoting international education and friendship through the sport of baseball by domestic and International play.

While our vision and mission from the athletic standpoint are to find prospect level professional talent, and design the basic instructional system, that can develop the talent prospect into a potential opportunity for the affilliated level of baseball.

It is also our social responsibility and benefit that we develop and promote the players full potential away from the baseball field as well, in case it should become apparent the skills even though while good, may not allow the player to move further into the professional field of baseball as a lasting career choice.

Part of the mission restores history of the Negro leagues teams and players, and as part of the community reinvestment concept develop the sport of baseball as a viable option to kids that have little exposure to the game. We feature teams that use names of teams from the era, those academies/teams will have youth teams of the same name.

The RDB Academy Institute/ Texas Independent Baseball League operates as a school of trades and skill development technical skills non accredited school under the Texas Education Agency and Texas WorkForce Commission Codes for Vocational and Trades school, we are a nonprofit 501c7 organization.

We hold free open combines for players 21u up to 23u those chosen to enter academy must obtain a grade suggesting the talent is of a professional prospect level, whereas they are offered the opportunity to enter the six weeks training and conditioning program, if they continue to make progress they enter the league on the field level of training and play of 22 games.

We do not sell player contracts, players are placed in a contract to hire system used in every other industry but sports currently, this allows the organization and the talent to have a trial phase which can be any amount of time deemed neccessary by the potential employer to see if the talent fits the cuture of the organization.



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