Junior 21U Tier 1

Program Philosophy

Our goal within junior 21u rookie development baseball,are to promote,develop  and foster domestic baseball for junior aged players, academy teams and the Regional Development Baseball Academy and Texas Independent Baseball League.

21U junior academy program is available to athletes who are 21u of age and not older than 23u as of December of current season competition (pursuant approval of petition)

The academy is available to any player able to receive a grade high prospect or pro-ready talent, the principal purpose of this development academy institute is to prepare the talent for a career advancement either in a collegiate program or a professional opportunity.

21U Purpose and Goal

The purpose of 21u junior rookie develpment school is essentially two-fold

(1) Provide the opportunity for players in this age group an opportunity to participate in an organized setting.

(2) Development of skills and abilities of all the participates, to include coaches and other related staff positions within the industry.

Goals are as follows

(1) To provide talented prospect level young players the opportunity to develop in an organized, structured competitive supervised system.

(2) Quality coaching, considerable training and conditioning Lab 1 classroom time and instruction oversite.

(3) Social maturity by providing a healthy constructive environment of which to develop on a social level.

(4) Educational we provide the skills developement trade skills in a school setting, while also insisting that student athlete participate in educational goals for future life opportunities.

(5) Recruiting exposure to professional scouts and college recruiters.

(6) Advanced competition players are provided exposure to national and international competition.

(7) Protection of amateur status to all participates under rules and guidelines established by the NCAA,through (Educational Stipends) Scholarships.

(8) Player Development Contracts are conducted through a (Contract To Hire) system instead of the current model being used by minor league affiliated teams.

This introduction to our program offers some insight into the academy system we offer talented prospect players and supporting industry staff members.


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