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In a huge win for the team to bring them one win away from .500, Vincent Cyr put up an assist and 7 blocked shots to help win the game in the dying minutes. After blocking 7 shots all to the same ankle, Vincent was helped off the ice by teammates at the end of the game. Severity of injury is still TBA.

Recent Results
Thu Feb 21/19 10:15pm:
Double Doubles 3
Flying Hawaiians 9
Thu Feb 14/19 10:15pm:
Hx9 5
Double Doubles 2
Thu Jan 31/19 10:15pm:
Double Doubles 4
Boozers 3
Upcoming Games
Thu Mar 7/19 9:30pm:
@ Pete
Double Doubles -
Killer Strawberries -
Mon Mar 11/19 8:15pm:
@ Pete
Mighty Drunks -
Double Doubles -
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