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In the final minutes of a brutal game for the Double Double's, Tyler Smith was taken down behind the net, whcih caused Ropp to get headed at the ref after there was no call made on the play. Ropp will have a meeting with the league about his suspension. The estimated length will be between 3-6 games and a fine under $100!

Recent Results
Thu Jan 17/19 9:30pm:
Boozers 5
Double Doubles 4
Thu Dec 6/18 10:15pm:
Double Doubles 5
Rejects 2
Thu Nov 29/18 10:30pm:
Double Doubles 2
Mighty Drunks 9
Upcoming Games
Wed Jan 30/19 10:30pm:
@ Pete
Rejects -
Double Doubles -
Thu Jan 31/19 10:15pm:
@ Pete
Double Doubles -
Boozers -
Thu Feb 7/19 9:30pm:
@ Pete
Double Doubles -
Mighty Drunks -
Player of the game (Jan 17/19)

Vincent Cyr

In a tough loss, Vincent scored his first goal of the season and had a solid game defensively!