Who is Gerardo ?

Posted June 17, 2016

Who is Gerardo ?

The Angels have been keeping Gerardo a secret for over a year now and it's finally time to unveil his identity! Gerardo is none other than Grant Malm, the brother of Kurtis Malm! With both Malms the Angels either have: 

a. Pop in the middle of the lineup.
b. Tons of storage space for extra jerseys, socks, hats and pants.

Click below to see Malm in action!

Angels: How does it feel to be able to be yourself Gerardo... I mean Grant?

Grant Malm: Don't get me wrong, I loved my time as Gerardo, it was fun to pretend to be a Mexican superstar from the Tijuana Military Institiute. But the truth is I'm a Malm and always have been a Malm, and I can't wait to chuck up a Halo with ''Malm" on the back of my jersey instead of "Gerardo"!

Angels: Sorry Grant, but names on our jerseys is definitely not in the budget. Maybe if you tape it on your jersey yourself. Speaking of DIY's check out our awesome new helmets spray painted for the team... by the team! 



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