No-No #3

Posted May 15, 2018

It was an awesome night for ball, extrememly hot and clear night, the mosquitoes were terrible, but Sully made it bearable for the fellas by the end.

We debuted new rookie catcher Ben Kennedy behind the dish, and quite frankly, another scrub squad, with 1 available guy on the bench as we are somehow battling both injuries and low numbers to start the season.  It was a pretty normal game for us, we left the bases loaded, and were also undone by a mystery non-infield fly call that allowed the twins to easily double-off runners on a dropped pop-up with one out...but managed to scrape together 2 runs through 5, then the Ganz lowered the boom on an absolute bomb into the wind, using the rookies bat no less.  That would prove to be all we would need as Sully cruised through the evening with little trouble.

The plan going into the game was to have Sull and Drew split this game as we have 11 days off now, but when Sully made it through his 4 hitless, obviously the plan changed to allow Sull to work until he gave up a knock.  He didn't and made it through for the second regular season and third no-no he has tossed for the Giants!  What was cool about this one is that over half of the guys playing had no idea, Sully had walked 2 and dotted 3, and some guys were just oblivious and weren't aware until after the handshakes.  We're really proud of Sully, as he has been a horse for us for years, and is as reliable as they come.  

Last night's no-no for Des joins the June 24, 2014 and August 9, 2015 (playoffs) no hitters, both tossed Vs. the Cardinals, as the only no hitters thrown in Giants history.  Combining with his record 4 NAIA no-hitters thrown for Rio Grande University, Sully has an amazing addition to the more pestigeous record for hit batsman (he also holds that NAIA record).

We're really lucky to have Sull in the fold year after year, and thanks for being a Giant pal!  Here's the rest of the highlights from last night:

-Ganz going MAMMO

-The newest Rook catching a No-No in his first game AND having Ganz go yard with his twig

-The boys pumping 11 hits...we will begin to cash at some point...hopefully.

-Fellow Rook Dranny keeping the scorebook as one continious, illegible inning...nice work pal!

-Every player touching at least one ball to help sull to the No-No

-The weather was unreal


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