Round 1

January 26th

Temple 0 v Bryan 3

Waco 1 v Rudder 1

College Station 0 v A&M Consolidated 1

University v Bye



Jan 30th

Bryan 0 v A&M Consolidated 0

University 0 v College Station 4

Rudder 0 v Temple 1

Waco v Bye


Feb 2nd

Bryan 3 v University 3

Rudder 1 v Consol 1

Waco 2 v Temple 3

College Station v Bye


Feb 6th

Bryan 1 v College Station 2

Consol 2 v Waco 1 

Rudder 0 v University 4

Temple v Bye


Feb 9th

Rudder 0 v College Station 5

Waco 1 v University 2

Consol 0 v Temple 0

Bryan v Bye


Feb 13th

Bryan 3 v Rudder 0

College Station 6 v Waco 0

Temple 0 v University 2

Consol v Bye


Feb 16th

Waco 0 v Bryan 4

College Station 6 v Temple 1

A&M Consolidated  3 v University 3

Rudder v Bye


Round 2

Feb 20th

Bryan v Temple 

College Station v A&M Consolidated 

Waco v Rudder 

University v Bye


Feb 23rd

Bryan v A&M Consolidated 

University v College Station 

Rudder v Temple 

Waco v Bye


Feb 27th

Bryan v University

Rudder v Consol 

Waco v Temple 

College Station v Bye


Mar 2nd

Bryan v College Station

Consol v Waco 

Rudder v University 

Temple v Bye


Weeks of Mar 5th - 16th (Spring Break)

Bryan v Bye

Week of Mar 5th - 9th

Rudder v College Station

Consol v Temple

Week of Mar 12th - 16th

Waco v University


Mar 20th

Bryan v Rudder 

College Station v Waco 

Temple v University

Consol v Bye


Mar 23

Waco v Bryan 

College Station v Temple 

A&M Consolidated  v University 

Rudder v Bye



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