Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
Nov 14/17 6:00pm Bradford High School Obion County Bradford -
Nov 18/17 6:00pm Lexington High School Bradford Lexington -
Nov 20/17 6:00pm Trenton-Peabody High School Bradford Peabody -
Nov 24/17 TBA Bradford High School Thanksgiving Classic -
Nov 25/17 TBA Bradford High School Thanksgiving Classic -
Nov 28/17 6:00pm West Carroll High School Bradford West Carroll -
Dec 5/17 6:00pm Bradford High School Dresden* Bradford -
Dec 8/17 6:00pm Bradford High School McKenzie Bradford -
Dec 12/17 6:00pm Gleason High School Bradford Gleason* -
Dec 15/17 6:00pm South Fulton High School Bradford South Fulton* -
Dec 16/17 TBA Bradford High School Fulton City Bradford -
Dec 21/17 TBA Bradford High School Peabody Bradford -
Dec 28/17 6:00pm TBA Christmas Tournament -
Dec 29/17 6:00pm TBA Christmas Tournament -
Dec 30/17 6:00pm TBA Christmas Tournament -
Jan 5/18 6:00pm Bradford High School Union City* Bradford -
Jan 9/18 6:00pm Lake County High School Bradford Lake County* -
Jan 12/18 6:00pm Bradford High School Greenfield* Bradford -
Jan 16/18 6:00pm Dresden High School Bradford Dresden* -
Jan 19/18 6:00pm McKenzie High School Bradford McKenzie -
Jan 20/18 6:00pm Bradford High School West Carroll Bradford -
Jan 23/18 4:00pm Bradford High School Gleason* Bradford -
Jan 26/18 6:00pm Bradford High School South Fulton* Bradford -
Jan 27/18 6:00pm Fulton High School (KY) Bradford Fulton City -
Jan 30/18 6:00pm Union City High School Bradford Union City* -
Feb 2/18 6:00pm Bradford High School Lake County* Bradford -
Feb 6/18 6:00pm Greenfield High School Bradford Greenfield* -

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Recent Results
Tue Feb 6/18 6:00pm:
Bradford -
Greenfield* -
Fri Feb 2/18 6:00pm:
Lake County* -
Bradford -
Tue Jan 30/18 6:00pm:
Bradford -
Union City* -

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