Trade Block

  Posted April 30, 2020

This will work as our Trading block for now.   Leave comments on this post with whom you are looking for and/or wanting to trade....

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Welcome to the We Will Have Baseball Strat-o New Home Page.  

Some impotant tips:


Registering and Members

This isnt like a fantasy league site, each of us will not "own" a team. Instead, we will all share admin responsibility for entering games and results.  So up front there is an honor system in repsecting your fellow managers and only entering valid stats and results.




Once youre confirmed, I need everyone to enter their rosters.  To do so, go to the uppper right hand corner, click on your name, a menu will appear.  Click on the top item admin.  When the admin page comes up, it will be a series of boxes/squares.  2nd box in the right column has the link to edit rosters.  When youre on the rosters page, make sure your team is selcted at the top then just fill in, name, pos for all your players.  You can fill in up to I think 20 by just enterting and going to the next line before you have to save and refresh to get more space for more players.  Only fields we have are name, pos, and B/T.  There are more if you guys wants to include them, but I kept it simple.  You can upload a picture per player, so I thought after we got our cards, we could take pictures of them and put them on our players.  This would help trades a lot, and give us a digital card to play with till the trade is finalized via snail mail.




We will need to enter our schedule.  Good news is we can do this as we go.  Thought we could enter the first 15-30 games and then add more as we go on. 




Each manager will be reponsbile for entering their own player stats after the game.  This is also done from the admin screen, once the games are entered.  You will basically be filling out an online box score of your start-o game.  Your opponent will also do it on the same form.  After that is done and finalized, all the stats, standing, league leaders, etc will be updated with the new game data.  Live league leaders!!

I can do a 15 min zoom sometime for everyone to show them how to enter stats and stuff like that. 

Upcoming Games
Sun Jul 5/20 5:00pm:
@ 69
Mariners 3
Orioles 9
Mon Jul 6/20 5:00pm:
@ 70
Mariners -
Pirates -
Mon Jul 6/20 5:00pm:
@ 58
Reds 6
Orioles 0

Trade Block

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Recent Results
Sat Jul 4/20 5:00pm:
Mariners 8
Orioles 5
Fri Jul 3/20 5:00pm:
Mariners 5
Orioles 8
Thu Jul 2/20 5:00pm:
Mariners 4
Orioles 1