Posted June 30, 2020

The second game of the summer season started out as a nail bitter but once the team got rolling they took control of the game.

The first inning of this home game had Banachoski showing that she plays defense as well as pitches.  Not only did she pitch, but she fielded the first two hits and threw them out at first to Dobish.  Dobish finished the inning with a caught pop up to end Slippery Rock's at bat.  The first four batters for SVNAA worked hard, but Slippery Rock's shortstop kept them at bay.  The only hit that got through was Schall's hit down the third base line.  Her quick run to first and never slowing down got her on first base, but she was left stranded.

The second inning, had Kriznik fielding the ball and stepping on first base for the first out.  Next came Banachoski's strike out but a third drop strike allowed Slippery Rock's fifth batter to get on first.  The next batter, Banachoski wasn't allowing on base.  Batter seven got lucky and hit a ball towards third that rocketed under Grubbs and Schalls gloves.  Wilson was clutch with the backup and held the girl at first.  Schall then made up for it by fielding a pop up at short to end their at bat.  Only one Slippery Rock girl scored.  SVNAA's attempt to score some runs were halted by Slippery Rock.  Grubbs hit a beautiful fly out to left field that was caught.  Riley hit a ground ball and beat the throw from third to get on first.  Beck laid down a perfectly executed bunt that advanced Riley but she wasn't so lucky.  Ramirez's line drive to short ended the inning.

Inning three was a little harder to get those outs.  Slippery Rock's batter number nine hit a grounder to Beck at second base that took a funny bounce and that runner got on base.  Schall struck out batter ten, but batter eleven caught one she liked and it flew over Riley's head at third base.  Batter twelve popped it up to Banachoski at short to give SVNAA two outs.  The thirteenth batter hit a speeding grounder close to second base that Banachoski couldn't quite get to but good back up by Dobish and Schmidt kept that runner at first.  Last out was a bouncy grounder to Ramirez at first who stepped on the bag.  SVNAA's at bat had three girls up and out.  

By the fourth inning, SVNAA was down 2-0.  Schall was on the mound again.  She struck out a batter, then third baseman Beck fielded a ball at third and tossed it to shortstop Dobish who was covering third base to get the second out.  Schall then struck out a second batter to end Slippery Rock's at bat.  Head Coach Schall, gave the girls a pep talk that got the girls on track.  Carver, Dobish, and Schall all drew walks.  Carver stole home on a wild pitch.  Banachoski hit a nice fly to right center that brought home Dobish and Schall.  Grubbs was up next with a grounder to short that was fumbled and overthrown allowing her time to get to first.  With two outs, Ramirez hit a nice little pop up between the pitcher and second base that nobody could get to and Banachoski came home.  The inning ended with nine out of eleven girls batting and a score of 4-2.

The fifth inning started the heat.  SVNAA allowed one batter on base with a fly over Riley's head at third base.  But Banachoski quickly shut that down with the next three batter's striking out.  Schmidt got on base by drawing a walk and quickly advanced.  Carver hit a nice grounder to shortstop that was over thrown to first allowing Carver to round the base to second.  Dobish and Schall both drew walks, landing Banachoski up to bat.  She hit a nice fly to center field that was caught.  Dobish tagged back up and took off for home.  Unfortunately, the umpire didn't see the tag up and Slippery Rock threw to third and Dobish was declared out for leaving too early.  The inning ended with SVNAA up 6-2.

Inning number six had Schall back on the mound.  First batter popped up to Banachoski at short stop.  Out number one!  Second batter sneaked a hit in between short and second base, securing her first.  Third batter hit a grounder close to the first base line that Dobish snagged and tagged.  Out number two.  Last out was a high pop up to Schall, who cleanly caught it, screaming mine, mine, mine all the way.  Bottom of the sixth proved that Head Coach Schall's pep talk was a winner.  Grubbs hit another solid to shortstop who again overthrew the base.  Riley batted next.  She had a beautiful pop up that would have landed three feet in front of the base, if it wasn't for her head getting in the way.  Out number one.  It just wasn't Riley's day!  Beck had a nice little hit that gently rolled towards third that she was able to out run.  Next up, Ramirez.  Her nice strong grounder brought in Grubbs and Beck.  Kriznik popped up to the pitcher and Wilson hit a nice little grounder back to the pitcher that fumbled it long enough for Wilson to secure first and Ramirez to sneak home.  Inning six ended with SVNAA up 9-2.

The last inning, the girls were clutch.  The Closer came out.  First batter hit a grounder to Riley who fumbled it but was able to get control and threw to Dobish for out number one.  The Closer did her job with a strike out on batter number two.  Riley was in the hot seat again with another ball hit to third, that she easily fielded and threw to Dobish for out number three.  She was unlucky at bat but her fielding saved the day.

And there you have it, folks.  A seven inning game done in an hour and forty minutes.  

Ending Score 9-2



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