What the ENLACE Offers:

ENLACE-Southern program is a flagship model for the increasing the number of high school graduates in New Mexico as well as increasing the number of students who pursue and graduate with a university degree.


Here are some of the things that ENLACE provides for students:


Culturally & Linguistically Relevant Curricula

Diversity of teaching methods and practices that make students central to the learning process.

Affirmation and Validation of students’ cultural and linguistic diversities, funds of knowledge, multicultural, multi-lingual, & multi-contextual ways of knowing.

Professional Development and Network of Support for ENLACE teachers

Development of reading, writing, critical thinking, and research skills

Monitoring of students’ Academic progress, G.P.A., and Next-Step-Plan per NMPED.

Development of Time Management & Organizational skills, Note taking, Memorization, Study Methods & Techniques, Public Speaking, Research, and Writing Skills.

Awareness of career opportunities, interviewing techniques, work-readiness, resume preparation development.

Preparation for college entrance exams

Assistance for students throughout the process of applying to and graduation from college.

Access to expertise from university students, faculty, & staff to assist in preparing for college and beyond.

College & University Campus Visits and mentorships

Service Learning Opportunities to develop youth leadership and citizenship skills

Youth Action Research & Leadership Projects

Regional Youth Conferences (Fall & Spring)


Upon the completion of the course of study a significant increase in knowledge, college preparatory skills and academic cultural competence is expected.   This combination leads to an increase for students’ perception of themselves as academically successful, but also prepares them to meet the challenges of a rigorous university education.



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