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Date  Time Location Visitor Home
Jun 4/18 6:30pm Portage Carberry Portage
Jun 4/18 6:30pm Manitou Rock Lake Manitou Braves
Jun 6/18 6:30pm Portage Manitou Braves Portage
Jun 6/18 6:30pm Holland Rock Lake Pembina North
Jun 9/18 6:30pm Manitou Carberry Manitou Braves
Jun 9/18 6:30pm Holland Portage Pembina North
Jun 11/18 6:30pm Carberry Rock Lake Carberry
Jun 11/18 6:30pm Manitou Pembina North Manitou Braves
Jun 13/18 6:30pm Rock Lake Portage Rock Lake
Jun 13/18 6:30pm Holland Carberry Pembina North
Jun 18/18 6:30pm Carberry Portage Carberry
Jun 18/18 6:30pm Rock Lake Manitou Braves Rock Lake
Jun 20/18 6:30pm Manitou Portage Manitou Braves
Jun 20/18 6:30pm Rock Lake Pembina North Rock Lake
Jun 24/18 6:30pm Portage Pembina North Portage
Jun 25/18 6:30pm Carberry Manitou Braves Carberry
Jun 27/18 6:30pm Rock Lake Carberry Rock Lake
Jun 27/18 6:30pm Holland Manitou Braves Pembina North
Jul 2/18 6:30pm Carberry Pembina North Carberry
Jul 2/18 6:30pm Portage Rock Lake Portage


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Spring Baseball

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