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Date  Location Visitor Home Result (Record)
Mar 3/19 10:00am Titi Beniquez Stadium Añasco San Sebastian -
Mar 10/19 10:00am Guillermo Herdandez Stadium San Sebastian Aguada -
Mar 17/19 10:00am Isidoro Garcia Stadium San Sebastian Mayaguez -
Mar 24/19 10:00am Titi Beniquez Stadium Aguadilla San Sebastian -
Mar 31/19 10:00am Titi Beniquez Stadium Utuado San Sebastian -
Apr 7/19 10:00am Fransisco Pagan Stadium San Sebastian Añasco -
Apr 14/19 10:00am Titi Beniquez Stadium Aguada San Sebastian -
Apr 21/19 10:00am Titi Beniquez Stadium Mayaguez San Sebastian -
May 5/19 10:00am Canena Marquez Stadium San Sebastian Aguadilla -
May 19/19 10:00am Ramon Cabanas Stadium San Sebastian Utuado -


Llega Nelson Arrocho al Pepino

January 17, 2019   read more

Julio Rodriguez llega a las filas de los Patrulleros del Pepino

January 11, 2019   read more

Patrulleros seleccionan a AJ Jimenez

January 10, 2019   read more
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Partido Inaugural Añasco en San Sebastián

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