2020 Cornbelt League Softball Rules

Posted May 21, 2020

2020 Corn Belt League Softball Rules


Rules for 8U: 

- One coach out on field beyond second base

- No leading off

- One extra base per overthrow

- Coaches pitch and all players must be positioned behind the pitching mound

- 7 pitches then batter hits from the tee

- Each team has the same number of batters (if Emery has 10 girls and Alex has 15, Emery will have 5 girls bat twice)

- 2 players at pitcher’s mound

- 2 inning games


 Rules for 10U: 

10 players on defense (4 outfielders, and 6 infield)

- All players must be positioned behind the pitcher’s mound

- One extra base on an overthrow that goes out of play, but if the overthrow stays in fair play runner can advance as many bases as she can take

- Leading off after ball leaves the pitcher’s hand (only a 3 step lead off)

- No stealing bases

- All pitchers must wear a face mask while pitching

- 1 ball for pitcher, coach for opposing team has the other 2 balls on the field

- 3 pitches by the player and then 4 pitches by the coach (out after 7 pitches)

- Pitchers stand at 35ft mound

- Pitchers have both feet touching the mound to start, can step forward but not backward

- 3 outs or 5 runs/inning

- 4 innings/1 hour games

- No open innings

- If game goes longer than 2 innings it will be coach pitch after the 2nd inning to keep the game moving along


Rules for 12U: 

- Pitchers must wear a face mask

- Pitchers stand at 40ft mound, but can move up to 35ft if needed

- Stealing is allowed, stealing home is allowed until there is a 10-run lead (no stealing home if playing on Baseball Field)

- Lead off/ stealing can be done after the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand

- 3rd strike is a strike-out and the batter is out (we do not use the dropped 3rd strike rule)

- Batter that is hit by a pitch can take their base only if it is a direct hit. If the ball bounces first, then it is just called a ball.

- No infield fly rule

- 9 players on the field

- 5 innings

- Strike zone from knees to sternum 


 **** No players are allowed to play on a younger team than what they are assigned by their age.  Players can play up to an older team if necessary. 


2020 Cornbelt League Softball Rules

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