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Brandon Childers Head Soccer Coach  281-857-3817 
Patrick Old Assistant Varsity Soccer Coach   
Derek Hufnagel JV1 Soccer Coach   
Steven Kenney JV2 Soccer Coach   
Player of the week (Jan 8/18)

Ben Garvin

Ben Garvin carried his team throughout the Pearland Tournament. He filled in the mid-field when we needed help and his experience and leadership really carried his teammates through an undefeated tournament. His work ethic and spacing as a defensive midfielder helped to create turnovers and initiate attacking sequences that changed they way our team played. I was very impressed with his performance and I look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things he will do in the coming season.

2017 JV Red v Elsik
2017 JV Red v Elsik
20170210 JV Red
20170210 JV Blue
2017 JV Red v Elsik
20170214 JV Blue v Hastings
20170210 JV Blue
2017 JV Red v Elsik
20170117 Dickinson Games
20170310 JV Red v Hastings

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